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HR Training Seminars

HR Training Seminars


HR FOR HIRE, Inc. is now offering an innovative solution for all your training needs and has developed a new set of training modules with you in mind – saving time and money.

Our HR Training Programs cover a wide range of human resource and management topics. This series of informative programs will help your organization stay well updated on new training practices, and improve proficiency in your organization.

Management Training

  • Employment Law for Non HR Managers (What you don’t know can hurt you)
  • Sexual and General Harassment Training for Managers
  • Substance Abuse: Reasonable Suspicion Training for Managers
  • Conflict Resolution for Managers
  • Workplace Violence Prevention for Managers
  • Team Building for Managers

General Employee Training

  • Sexual and General Harassment Training for Employees
  • Substance Abuse: The Dangers of Drugs and Alcohol
  • Conflict Resolution for Employees
  • Career Development

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