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HR Prevention & Resolution


HR Prevention & Resolution

We know that litigation can be costly, emotionally draining and is usually avoidable. Our trained staff can resolve your workplace disputes in a timely and professional manner. We work on Alternative Dispute Resolution which promises confidentiality, while gently requiring parties to agree to resolve issues and avoid the burden of litigation.

Our ability to connect our clients with HR professionals on-site, online, and/or by telephone distinguishes us from others. At HR FOR HIRE, Inc., we know that a happy workforce creates win-win results for all.

We accomplish Prevention & Resolution goals by providing the following:

  • Anti-harassment/Employment Law Training Seminars
  • Supervisor Coaching
  • Comprehensive Employee Handbooks (free from confusing legalese)
  • Workplace Specific Employment Policies
  • Providing Current HR Best Practices
  • Reviewing Current Employment Law Advice
  • Creating Useful Employment Applications, Discipline and Exit Interview Forms
  • Facilitating Private Mediation Services
  • Proactively Resolving Workplace Disputes

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