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10 HR Changes to Look Out For in 2016

With 2015 coming to an end, the HR FOR HIRE, Inc. team sat down to review the year and help you get started on the right foot in 2016. Continue reading

10 Things to Know Before You Hire

10 Things to know Before You Hire! Continue reading

2016: The Year Of Social HR

2015 was the year for workforce innovation, with more companies experimenting with using social media to brand and market their organizations. Continue reading

5 Presentation Tips from the late Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs knew his stuff when it came to public speaking and brand followers. Continue reading

HR Prevention and Resolution

HR Compliance Audits: to identify areas of potential liability under Employment Law Continue reading

HR Training Seminars

Employment Law for Non HR Managers (What you don’t know can hurt you) Continue reading

Identifying Areas of Potential Liability Prior to Issues Arising Can Save Big Problems Later

A small regional manufacturing company had an employee who was unsuccessful when she applied for a posted promotional vacancy. Continue reading

Medicinal Marijuana Law Protects Workers

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy on May 31 signed into law an act that not only legalizes the use of marijuana for medical purposes, but protects users from adverse employment action by employers in the state. Continue reading

Small Companies are at a Disadvantage with Employment Law Compliance!

Small companies have many issues larger companies do not face trying to stay competitive. They have fewer resources to spend on advertising to grow the business.  There is another area where small companies are at a disadvantage namely, Liability under … Continue reading

Substance Abuse: The Hidden Danger

Many organizations do not even think it could be a problem.  However if Substance Abuse is present in your organization, it can create tremendous liability and dramatically negatively impact the bottom line as well as the organizations reputation.  It can … Continue reading