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argumentIf your company is facing a distressing allegation from a current or former employee chances are you need an experienced consultant to step in to mitigate the problem. That’s what we do.

Are you faced with any of these:

  • Employee Sexual Harassment Allegations
  • Employee Discrimination Allegations
  • Employees with Substance Abuse Issues
  • Employee Workplace Violence or Personal Safety Matters
  • Employee Workplace Attendance Issues

We know that some companies run into these problems before they have strong policies and procedures in place to protect themselves. Even if that is your company, we can help.

We take a complete look at your situation and investigate the matter diligently. We work hard to uncover the evidence that will strengthen your position. We handle the situation to resolve it for you.

In many cases, an outside consultant assures employees that you are working impartially to resolve the matter, and it keeps internal managers from facing complicated issues with affected employees in the future. We have successfully resolved cases for companies involving sexual harassment allegations, discrimination claims, illegitimate unemployment claims, and workplace violence problems.

We also provide implementation of proper workplace policies and guidelines to protect you in the future. We provide training and assistance with all employment policies.

Please use the form below to let us help you. All information is strictly confidential. We will contact you promptly and evaluate your situation. There is no obligation.